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Steel Expert

100.00 лв.

Steel Expert EC

Design of steel elements with different shapes for axial force, biaxial bending, shear forces and torsion. Section classification, section elastic and plastic design, element design for axial, lateral-torsional and combined buckling, according to Eurocode:

  • different types of shapes: L, T, H, I, C, rectangular, circular, hollow;
  • hot rolled, welded and cold formed steel;
  • rich section library with a lot of standard sections – IPE, IPN, HE, EA, UA, UPE, UPN, SHS, RHS, CHS­;
  • precise calculation of section properties with account ro slopes and roundings;
  • multiple load cases and copy-paste import from external programs;
  • classification of sections for local buckling­;
  • plastic design for sections class 1 and 2;
  • buckling length calculation for columns in frames;
  • advanced lateral-torsional buckling analysis for actual bending diagram and load position;
  • ­professional calculation report in html format.

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